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Log into your wp-admin dashboard

Click ‘Plugins’ -> ‘Add New’ from left side menu

Download Elementor OHWO Plugin

Note: You must have the Pro Version of Elementor to use this plugin.

Click here or on the icon to download the Elementor OHWO Plugin

Upload the Plugin to Your WordPress Admin Dashboard

Click Upload Plugin

Click Choose File

Navigate to elementor-ohwo.zip, select, click Open

Lost? Not sure where your zip is? Re-download your plugin here and watch where you’re saving it inside your computer.

Click Install Now

Click Activate Plugin

Find Your Elementor OHWO Settings

Look in your left side menu for “Elementor OHWO Connector” Option.


Find Your OHWO api Keys

Inside your OHWO account, find and click Api Keys in left side menu.

Open two tabs in your browser so you can flip back and forth between Elementor OHWO Plugin and your OHWO account.

Create new OHWO Api Keys

Click Create new in sub top right menu

Copy Public key and Private key

Toggle back to Elementor OHWO Plugin WordPress browser

Paste Your Public key and Private key

Also copy and paste the following API URL:

Next, Press ‘Enter’ or click Save Changes.

Choose Your OHWO Email List

Click ‘Get Lists’

Wait up to 30 seconds for the lists to load after clicking ‘Get Lists’
Haven’t set up an email list in OHWO yet? No problem. Pause here and go through your Quick Start Guide.

Select the OHWO List that you want all users to go to who fill out Elementor forms on your website.

Click Save.

We recommend showing off to your new email list subscribers by creating a welcome series automated email list to warm customers up to you when they first enter your list.

Add Your Elementor Form to a Page

Edit any page with Elementor.

Drag the Form Widget onto your page.

Click the X next to the message field.

Click open ‘Submit Button’

Change “Send” to “Submit”

Alternatively, you can use fun language like “Gimme” for the submit button.

Choose What Happens When Your Form Submits

Toggle Open ‘Actions After Submit’ in left side menu

Select ‘OHWO’ from the ‘Add Action’ drop down menu.

Select ‘OHWO’ in the left hand menu and then select the list you’d like your subscribers to be added to.

Option 1: Redirect to another page

Click in ‘Add Action’ field.

Choose ‘Redirect’ from drop down menu.

Most create a separate success page with Elementor inside WordPress Pages then add the url to that success page here.

Toggle Open ‘Redirect’ in left side menu.

Add your success page url.

Click Update

Option 2: Create Success Message

Click open ‘Additional Options’ toggle in left side menu

Click Custom Messages toggle to ‘YES’

Change Custom Message

Feel free to add whatever you like to this message. You can even add a fun discount code to persuade purchases.

Click Update

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is update-1024x842.jpg

Make Your Form GDPR Compliant

Click “Add Item”

Select “Acceptance”

Fill in your Label and Acceptance Text.

Click the “Advanced” Tab and change the “ID” field to the tag that you used in your GDPR field in your OHWO list.

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