Quick Start Guide

Take Off In 5 Easy Steps


verify your email domain

You thought you could just send your mass emails with Yahoo or Gmail?
Nope. You’ll need your own domain like yourname@yourdomain.com.

Don’t be scared. This is easy. Here’s a step by step tutorial.


create your first address book list

Before you can send an email, you’ll need to set up one address book list. 

Option A. Never had an email software before? Here’s your step by step tutorial

Option B. Migrating from another email software? Here’s your step by step tutorial.


design your first sign up form

Want more email addresses? You’ll need to create a sign up form that says ‘Hey! Enter your email for goodies.’ Each email list has it’s own sign up form. Want design help? We’ve got you covered. Watch a step by step tutorial here to help you create your first sign up form.


find your sign up link

After you’ve made your sign up form, you’ll want to tout it all over the place. Post your sign up form link on social media, your Etsy listings, your website, everywhere. Grab your sign up form link right within your account. Not sure where this is? Here’s a step by step tutorial showing you the url location.

send your first email

This is the exciting part. Are you going to design your first email from scratch or import a pre-designed template? Both of these ways are easy and fun. Enjoy a step by step tutorial here showing you how to send your very first email by simply clicking ‘Send An Email’ from your left side menu.